Tuesday January 27 , 2015

About Us


How did HVPG get started?

In 2004, James Morrison and Craig Dean began to formulate the sales channel they envisioned after years of varying degrees of success selling via international representatives and distributors – High Voltage Products Global (HVP Global). HVPG’s goal was to build a network of jointly owned sales offices and franchised sales offices worldwide with a significant line card of principals signing on with each franchisee. This strategy would provide what principals were looking for – an experienced, technical representative dedicated to selling their type of products that responded to executive level observations – and what representatives want, a broad line card of complimentary companies to represent, making cross-selling easier.

HVP Global, LLC was formed in November 2005. The ownership of HVP Global, LLC is split 50% UltraVolt Group, Inc. and 50Dean Technology, Inc. HVPG’s founders share 50 years of combined experience in design, sales, and marketing of high-voltage products and systems.

To date, the strategy employed is working – no manufacturer has left the franchise and more high-voltage component and system manufacturers are seeking access to representation in HVPG.