Tuesday January 27 , 2015



Who should manage an HVPG sales office?

A new HVPG office’s success is highly dependant on the general manager. As with any other start–up venture, the general manager will establish policies and strategies, secure operating space and equipment, develop and execute the sales & marketing plan, and recruit the staff. The general manager will also be responsible for accounting, finance, legal, taxes, and banking. These are small operations, and they need an intellectually honest, energetic, charismatic, sales engineer who is ready to listen and learn. An HVPG general manager must be market savvy, have vision, and be ready to lead the HVPG office while being willing to compromise but not settle.

Who else is needed to have a successful HVPG sales office?

The only way to be a successful HVPG sales office is to have staff members with significant high-voltage experience. An organization’s overall size, brand, and depth of sales experience – while important – are not as important as high-voltage experience in selling the product to design engineers. Technical high-voltage sales personnel are able to leverage opportunities to sell each principal’s product line to a broader base of leads and prospects. They develop a relationship with the target customer to provide a solution to a problem by selling a complete suite of products from different manufacturers.

The vision/goals for any HVPG sales office or franchise would include the following:

  • Become the recognized expert source for high-voltage products in the region

  • Offer “one-stop shopping” for high-voltage components and systems

  • Create multi-principal leveraged sales to the customer

  • Build a line card of non-competing high-voltage suppliers

  • Provide excellent high-voltage technical service and support

  • Construct a high-voltage lab for demonstrations and testing

  • Use market synergies between the products and the customers

  • Concentrate and combine rep and principal marketing activities

  • Create a strong, multi-principal high-voltage tradeshow presence at a significantly reduced cost to participate.