Tuesday January 27 , 2015



Why become an HVPG sales office?

HVP Global brings value to the sales offices in various ways. First and foremost, HVPG has relationships more than 20 high-voltage principals. The Co-Managers have many contacts in the industry and have introduced principals to representatives and made special arrangements for trade show coverage, consignment inventories, advertising, and principal accounts with credit, among other items.

The HVPG consortium of companies also exchange information on topics such as technology road-mapping, sales & marketing techniques, industry / market / application information and recruiting. Since HVPG represents non-competing interests operating under non-disclosure confidentiality agreements, HVPG can collect confidential and public information from member companies and industry sources to provide executive-level HVPG reports & briefs such as sales & market analysis, trade show planning, online advertising, emerging markets, etc.